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세상을 더욱 푸르게 만드는 Huntsman Building Solutions

FOAM-LOK 2800-4G and THERMO-FLEX Acrylic Coating

Sponsoring the CHOWA Concept - Las Vegas, NV - Int. Builders' Show

ICYNENE-LAPOLLA Commercial Projects

‌Icynene in Action

Zerodraft Roslindale Icynene Project

Zerodraft Maritime Icynene Installation

‌‌Zerodraft Building Systems Quonset Point


Importance of Lapolla Spray Foam Insulation

Global Spray Foam Insulation & Roof Coatings Manufacturer

FOAM-LOK Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam Equipment


건물의 에너지 효율을 크게 향상시키는 Huntsman의 스프레이 폼 단열 기술
Huntsman의 노하우는 인간의 잠재력과
사회를 지속가능하게 발전시킨다
플라스틱 폐기물에서
에너지 절약 단열재로의 전환
Huntsman Technology Converts Methane Gas to Lightweight Carbon Material and Clean Hydrogen
Huntsman’s Innovative Technologies Enable the Automotive Industry’s Transition to Electric Vehicles
Huntsman Donates Hand Sanitizer to Huntsman Cancer Institute and University of Utah Health
Huntsman's Composite Expertise Reduces Development Cycles By Up to 50%
Huntsman Increases Polyurethane Catalyst and Specialty Amines Capacity in Hungary
Huntsman’s I-BOND Resins: Powerful, Formaldehyde-free, Fast-curing for Composite Wood Panel Industry
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